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We know New York winters! If you are a home or business owner, we can help you with ice dam removal or ice damage repair. Our IICRC Certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians arrive fully equipped to begin working. Call today for a free quote!

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Ice Dam Removal and Ice Damage Repair in New York

These wicked build ups of ice occur around the edges or near roofs. In the Westchester County area, we have decades of experience handling the removal of ice dams. The issues of the height and pitch of the roof and slippery surfaces require an insured and licensed professional. Our Westchester County teams of winter weather damage professionals are on hand with safe equipment that prevents further destruction to your building.

Our winter weather emergency team has the latest equipment and trainings to fully restore homes and businesses after ice dams. Even better? We work with you to prevent ice dam damage to buildings in the future. There are simple steps you can take that will avoid this weather related problem from reoccurring again and again. Our manpower is licensed and trained to handle roof work and all the liability that comes with it. We’re available 24/7 with top rated, fast service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and discover why our customer evaluations are so high for service and results!

What is an Ice Dam?

Generally forming at the edge of roofs, an ice dam is a ridge of frozen water created from snow and melting snow. This intimating problem is usually highlighted by frozen icicles hanging from the roof and guttering. The height of this frozen ice dam causes quicker melting snow to pour back into a home or business instead of running off the roof. Ice dam damages can injure the roof, ceilings, insulation, and walls. It can even impact personal valuables. In an emergency, we can completely remove ice dams and prevent them in the future. Water Cleanup Plus uses cutting-edge technology to create a solution that will stand the test of time.

Assessing Ice Dams on Homes and Businesses:

The first step is always assessment of the ice dam. What is causing your ice dam? What will prevent an ice dam in the future? We will not only abate the damage but also stop ice dams from forming down the road. We ensure lasting peace of mind.

Ice Dam Prevention:

As a home or business owner, the responsibility falls on you to prevent ice dams. Inspect the structure to source losses of heat like furnaces, gaps in walls, vents, and outlets. Attic insulation should be top grade. Keep gutters clean and maintain your roof. Ice dam prevention is key to getting insurance coverage.

Proper Removal of Ice with Low Pressure Steam:

Ice dams can be removed with low pressure steam. This proven method is the fastest way to abate ice dams. Hot pressure washes can cause damage to roofing, interiors, and siding. Our innovative equipment makes removal of ice with low pressure steam easy on the budget and home. Calling the wrong Westchester County ice dam removal service can result in property destruction and loss.

Ice Damage Restoration:

Water leaking back into a house or business can create wet walls, sagging ceilings, and water logged flooring. Our ice damage restoration services are comprehensive. We’ll restore the space affected by ice damage to better than new from drywall replacement to cleaning and sanitizing.

Insurance Coverage of Ice Dams:

Trying to get insurance coverage for ice dams? We’ll help. The paperwork, phone calls, and stress of insurance coverage of ice dams is a long process. We work with your homeowner’s insurance to get your costs covered when we can. Call us today to get fast and safe ice damage removal! We won’t break the bank or your roof while we work to fully restore the damage from ice dams.

Why Choose ServMaster PRO?

Our Westchester County ice removal services use professional teams that are outfitted with the best equipment available. Our experts will clean up ice dams and repair ice damage, preventing damage from spreading across your home or business and causing even bigger problems. ServMaster PRO offers 24/7 emergency damage services to get your restoration started immediately and completed quickly.

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Residential & Commercial Damage Cleanup

Disaster strikes suddenly… water damage, fire damage, high winds associated with hurricanes and tornados, flooding, or mold damage. Any of these can be a traumatic experience. ServMaster PRO is available whenever an emergency happens. A single phone call can bring our prompt, professional assistance to help reduce the loss resulting from the following disasters:


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ServMaster PRO Cleanup Services

We provide immediate water damage restoration, mold remediation and fire damage restoration services for all of New York. When property damage occurs, count on ServMaster PRO to mitigate water damage, mold, storm and fire damage quick & professionally.


Water damage can be caused by everything from burst pipes to raging storms, flooding your home or business and damaging your property. Our techniques will repair water damage throughout your property with ease.


Fires can hit your property fast, causing massive amounts of damage along the way. Luckily, our teams know how to restore fire damage and remove harmful smoke and ash from your New York property.

Mold Remediation

Mold is incredibly dangerous and toxic, meaning you’ll want it dealt with fast. ServMaster PRO’s mold remediation services will have mold reduced to healthy levels, restoring safe conditions to your home or business.


Storms can cause major damage to properties. The damage they cause is found both inside and outside. It will often require the help of professionals to get these damaged buildings back to their former glory. 

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